Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 17, 2010

Round Robin, July 17

Round Robin Photo Challenge! for today is from Lisa.

Lisa advises that it works best with macro photography, where you can zoom in close enough that we see shapes and textures, but not the whole thing. But if you have something so unusual that people would be hard pressed to identify it at all, by all means photograph it!

Close-up shot: What is this a part of? Have you seen it before? Where was that, anyway?

Okay, this is just filler to try to make more room between photo. I took these photos in August of 2008, on a trip to The City. (San Fransisco, that is) I was pretty surprised to find this item outside one of the large hotels there, which was not even in Chinatown.

Yes! It is a fountain. Very good. I took pictures of it because it intrigued me at the time. A most unusual palce for a fountain, right there on the steps of a grand hotel.

Don’t forget to visit the other Robins , too. Think of all the fun you’ll have guessing what their pictures are.


  1. Hi Ruth 🙂

    My goodness… it’s so intricate! So detailed! What a neat fountain. I would love to see it one day!


  2. I would never have guess what that is from the first picture, I thought it could be some sort of wall display….it’s so beautifully done!
    I’ve posted my answer to my entry, have a look!

  3. Fascinating! I love fountains anyway, but the detail there is just amazing.

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