Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 21, 2010

Unfinshed Business

Because I didn’t have internet all the time, or didn’t have adequate internet, there were some things which needed to be shared back in June which were missed. Well, it’s time to take of those over-sights.

When I met with Chan in D.C. she had a wonderful gift for me, which I have failed to mention thus far. She had wrapped up a lovely, purple Namaste case…

And she had kindly filled it with several airplane safe knitting tools for me. I especially love the little scissors!

I just wanted to shout out a big “thank you”! to Chan, because it really was sweet of her to think of this, and follow through on it, too. I love my little purple case and keep it near me all the time when I’m knitting now.

I have also not finished telling/showing about my trip to Scotland. Some of you have requested more….and I plan to follow through with those posts…soon, I promise!

July feels like it is slipping away from me this year. In some ways, I haven’t done a thing this month, while in other ways it has been quite busy. In any event, I feel a bit discomboobulated. And when I consider than in less than a month we’ll be helping our “baby”, (you know, the 19 yr old, six foot something one) move into his dorm in southern Cal….and then starting my fall classes right after that….oy vey! Where has the summer gone?

This week, we are blessed to have Lu, our drummer friend visiting again. Lu is awesome…in exchange for a room to sleep in, a little food, and a very little money, he does all those nasty yard chores which we all know need doing, but somehow never get “a round tuit”. 🙂

Here’s a photo from today’s session in the backyard….

Do you see anything “funny” about this photo? Let me give you another view…

Can you see it now? The wheel of the wheelbarrow isn’t on the ground…he’s carrying it! LOL…we have two wheelbarrows…this one, the old one, has a flat tire, which, even when filled with air, quickly becomes flat again. He did not choose wisely…so this was his soultion. Up for tomorrow…roto-tilling!



  1. We have two wheelbarrows and likewise, one has a flat tire almost permanently. I’ll have to show this photo to the Knight!

    And you’re so very welcome. It was great of you to stage the layover in DC so we could spend a bit of time together.

    I think all of 2010 is passing me by.

  2. The grass is greener in your yard, that’s for sure! And you’ve got a wheely good friend there helping out.

  3. You know, if he’s really good at all the stuff you know you should do and don’t get around to, do you think he could fix that flat for you? Just sayin’ :0) Personally, I’d probably buy a new wheelbarrow.

    The Namecast case is Fab!

  4. Aww Chan is so thoughtful! Hope the backyard renos went well.

  5. Those buddy cases are phenomenal I have several and they get used all the time!!!

    Glad you have someone to help with your yardwork!!!

  6. That’s the hard way to use a wheelbarrow, but it seems to work for him.

    I’m looking forward to more pictures of Scotland.

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