Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 24, 2018

The Best of 2018…So Far

I just returned from the annual Ladies’ Retreat at one of my favorite places, the always beautiful Mt. Hope, which left me thinking about all the good things life has brought my way this year.

January: a visit to Missouri to see my grandson.


February: a visit to the ocean with a friend. 💓

Spring…Almond Festival in Capay Valley, garden blooming, Garden Tour, basketball games, friends’ birthdays, unexpected gifts….richness of friends and family!

Summer brought more basketball! Friend Trudie and I attended the California Classic, a three day event with a double-header each day, featuring the up and coming new players on our team, other CA teams, and for reasons unknown….Miami. 🤔

June took me back to the midwest for my grand’s first birthday. 💓  We also had a mini family reunion for hubs family…to inter his mother’s ashes beside his father’s….a mostly sweet, slightly sad event.

August found us on the Big Island of Hawaii (between hurricanes) for a visit to my brother Jim and his wife, and to see my number three son and his friend/housemate/ business partner. We are excited for these young men…they bought my brother’s business and are doing well with it. They seem to really love what they do, where they do it, and the people they meet doing it. For example, this week looks rough: fly to Maui for a job there, then back home….later this week they’ll be working on the gyms on a passing cruise ship. 😎


Later in the month I celebrated another birthday (with friends, lots of friends!)

September brought a too short visit with dear friends who moved to Pennsylvania 18 years ago, whom we hadn’t seen in the last few years at all due to the craziness of all our lives. What a truly sweet time we had for those not-quite 48 hours. 💓

Throughout the year we had blessings, small and large…grounded at all times in the One whose love makes all things possible.



  1. What a wonderful year! And what a cute baby–so glad you got those visits in.

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