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April is National Poetry month. To honor that, I chose to write an acrostic poem…which I shared in Facebook. Now I’ll share it here to make even more of you real poets cringe a bit. 😎

An Annual Gift

Swiftly scudding overhead, leaden clouds bring rain or snow

Perched in branches newly budding, songbirds warble; nature’s show

Radiant spirits, promise of ease–scent of blossoms, buzz of bees

Invoking dreams of summer fun, warming sun lingers; children run

Nights are shorter, though still chill. Easter and Passover cause a thrill

Gift of heaven, laden with love. Specially sent from God above.

RLF 2018

For me, the garden bursting forth is joy…


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The Good Life


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Almond FestivalimageAll dressed up and ready for the Almond Festival this Sunday. 😎



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A New Addition

imageWe have been blessed with our first granchild. It was a lot like having a first child…falling in love with someone before you get to meet them.  🙂



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More Sunflowers

So it seems Someone had been here before and seen an old post of a sunflower field…and for some reason was drawn back to look again recently. For her sake I thought I’d update with a few pics from this year. Enjoy!

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A Little Catch Up


I am busy working on a matching pair of fingerless mittens for the Leah Cowl, but due to the general busyness of life, I have nothing to show just now. With that in mind I thought I’d share a few photos from our trip to Canada last July.

We flew up to Seattle, then took Amtrack into Vancouver, BC where I had a nice visit with Monica, before boarding an overnight train to the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

The view from the train, once the morning came, was spectacular! Mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, we saw it all….except for large wildlife…no bears, no moose.

We travelled by train as far as Jaspar, then by tour bus down to Lake Louise, the Columbian Ice Fields, and Banff, with stops at more places than I can name, but all were incredibly beautiful! Several tested my mental strength…the Sky Walk, the gondola (especially the gondola!!) and the 33% grade unpaved, slushy/icy path up to the glacier, to name a few. 😬

We also had a chance to drive up to Edmonton, where we enjoyed wonderful hospitality from and a visit with friends who live nearby….and of course had to spend some time wandering through the Edmonton Mall (wow…just wow) before heading back to Calgargy for a quick visit with friends there before heading home.


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My First Design!

…that I have bothered to publish, that is.

My Leah cowl pattern. You can download the PDF from here or go here for the Ravelry page where you can add it to your Ravelry library.

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I Love Spring

Read More…

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At least the sunflowers appreciate this 100+ degree day.


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Another Manic Monday

Hola! Howdy! Hallo! And any other greeting you can think of that begins with an H.
I really, really wanted to post in February, but it never quite happened. Oops.
Life continues to race forward, dragging me along with it. I keep pretty busy with students and classes to teach/lead, classes to take, homework, friends, ministries, and all the usual stuff one must do to keep pets, spouses, and home happy.

There is much on my heart and mind but I think instead of many more words, that I will just post a few photos.

Today's fresh gluten-free banana cinnamon chip muffins.

Today’s fresh gluten-free banana cinnamon chip muffins.

Rainbow this afternoon! It never actually rained HERE.

Rainbow this afternoon! It never actually rained HERE.

Happiness is a pale pink bouquet.

Happiness is a pale pink bouquet.

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