Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 15, 2010

Heat Wave

Well, I’d like to wave good-bye to the heat, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon! It’s currently 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with 103 promised by the time the “cooling” sets in. Tomorrow should top that, Saturday be about the same, then “they” say we should cool down into the 90’s. Maybe….It could happen! We’re also supposed to get clouds passing over on their way to becoming thrunderstorms in the hills, so the humidity will also rise along with temp. Ugh-ly.

What are the dogs doing on these hot days you ask? LOl…not much!

Misty is laying around, often with her belly exposed in this most un-ladylike manner. She goes back and forth between laying next me on the sofa (where the breeze from the fan hits us) to lying on the cooler flloor, with a preference for the tiles in the foyer.

Sasha, who is younger and lighter, isn’t as worried about finiding the coolest spot in the house. She still needs more activity, so she makes sure we do at least one “walkie” each day. We try to go out in the mornings before the heat hits, and sometimes again in the eveing, when at least the sun isn’t shining brightly down on us. In between, it’s naps, and favorite game, chase the ball.

The Grrls are a little miffed at us right now; the boys are away from home, either working at camp or house/dog sitting, so they have lost their usual sleeping arrangements. Mom and dad are NOT being very cooperative….some nights the little darlings have managed to sleep with us, (which is to say they slept, but mom didn’t) but on other nights they find themselves gated into the boy’s empty bedroom. It’s in-humane! Inconceivable, even.

How are you and your pups weathering the summer?


  1. This is just too hot for little ole me! I hope you and your doggies survive. Dear and I will be flying to Sacramento area in the next week or two as his uncle is dying. His aunt and uncle live in Yuba City. So in my selfishness I’m praying for a big cool down for the funeral!!

  2. Soooo hot….111 here in SoCal, ug! Stay cool poochies!

  3. Well, it’s hot and humid here. Yesterday it was beginning to feel like we were in the Amazons. We’ve only gotten up to 100°F once, but I don’t think we’ve been under 50% humidity for the last two months. I hate it, Biscuit hates it and we’re both just waiting for fall. Biscuit particularly hates it when I deem it too dangerous to be outside without having been doused in water (one melts in water you know) and she gets the watering can treatment – she has survived this, but only with looks of woe is me. As for me, I’ve resorted to cold water bottles. They work wonders with being able to sleep in the heat.

    Oh, I should add, we have no air conditioning at home. I work for a company who sells them, so the office is fine, but home is awful. It’s the one time of the year when I actually don’t want to go home from work early.

    Stay cool!

  4. Good luck to you and Sasha. Sissy is slurping up water from the office bowl at the moment. Gretchen says Misty can have the COLD floor here in the office…

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