I live in Northern California where I read, teach/tutor high school math and childbirth classes, play Scrabble and knit. Oh, and I have thing about tea, too. Here is where I’ll share about my family, friends, passions, adventures, and of course, my dogs!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. You sound like someone I’d like to meet. I was looking for knit and crochet patterns for my first grand child due to arrive in December. Am I happy? Yes 🙂

    I’m going to bookmark your site. I haven’t knit or crocheted in a while but I do a lot of sewing and quilting. Not as much as I’d like, got to work, too. I type for doctors at home, just to buy fabric 🙂
    Good night from Vancouver, BC 😉

  2. I think you mewled a little too much about your scrabble win – a real queen would have delicatly mentioned it in a paragraph about getting together with friends!

  3. Hi Scrabble Queen!

    I’d love to share my new blog and Etsy shop with you! The link is provided above.

    TSG 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Can it be you are a fellow knitter and scrabble player in Willow Glen? I knit and play online scrabble everyday with one friend in St. Louis and one in Germany. As for the knitting, I am completely obsessed and wonder what happened.
    I’ve knit all my life but now it is every night!!
    Anyway, I live in Willow Glen and would love to meet some fellow knitters.

  5. My goodness, we have very similar interests! I love to read and play scrabble; and I just learned to knit recently. Also like sewing and quilting. I too, tutor math occasionally, but I limit it to elementary students. If you were to say that you played Celtic fiddle, I’d be thinking that we are in some kind of parallel universe…

  6. I have been asked to knit pumpkin hats like those pictured in your gallery for babies in the NIC unit of a local hospital. I have not been able to locate the pattern at any local knitting stores or on the internet. Do you have any suggestions? I need to complete about 12 in the next 3 week. Thanks so much. Love your projects.
    Knitting Grandma

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