Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 31, 2014

The Year of Not Blogging

While it wasn’t my intention to completely drop the ball on blogging for 2014 that IS the way it worked out. WordPress assures me there was one other post this year, back in May sometime….

The last weeks of 2014 have been full ones…filled with both good and difficult things.

Good: two of the boys came home for Christmas visits. Airman was home home for two full weeks and Youngest was home for one week. Gotta love that! True sign of my brain-dead times; I got no photo to prove they were here. Camera got left at my friend’s house on Christmas Day. Sigh.

Good: Little Misty dog celebrated her 16th birthday December 7. Very please to report that although she is mostly blind and quite hard of hearing she manages to be quite lively when it suits her. She is fully enjoying the new bed she received and was happy to have her boys home for a bit.
Good: Had a lovely visit with Holly yesterday. It has been about two years since we have gotten together last. Again with no photos taken, but you know what we look like anyway. 🙂 Breakfast was eaten, gifts were shared, shoes were shopped for coffee was consumed, knitting in public accomplished. All good.
Not Good: Dearest called Friday evening with the two scariest words ever; I’m fine. But the car is probably totaled. (It is)

Not Good: My eldest brother, a fit and active 69 year old cyclist, was struck by a car going quite fast about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He has been in ICU ever since with multiple fractures of leg and vertebrae and a ruptured diaphragm as well. All of this led to pneumonia and a good deal of trial and concern. Additionally, just in the last few days they have confirmed a brain injury as well…long road ahead.
Better news: as of last night things have taken a turn for the better and he will soon be moved out of ICU!

Good: many, many friends and family (natural and Church) have been lifting Jim and Janice up in prayer this whole time. 🙂

Whew…long-winded to be sure, and that was only one month, and only the high/low lights at that!

Here’s to a Happy and blessed New Year for us all!


  1. Oh my, so sorry about your brother being hit while bicycling and also sorry about the accident your dearest was in. Life is so good and chaotic, so joyful and so sad. Glad you had your boys home for a while. Blessings in 2015. I’m praying for your brother as I type…

  2. Prayers for your brother. I’ve seen someone come back from injuries like that and I hold high hopes he’ll be okay.

    Glad you got time with those two kids. It’s wonderful and hard to have your kids all grown up and away. And glad you got to see Holly! Isn’t she the best!

  3. Had a lovely breakfast with you & Jim and returned home to see you blogged! Yeah! Glad your boys were home, as soon as I get some grey yarn, I’ll be needing your airman’s postal address. Here’s to 2015 being better than 2014! Can I get an amen?! 😉 ❤

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