Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 23, 2013


Well, I had really hoped I could manage at least one post per month, but obviously not! Life continues to be both busy and challenging, so that the blog just doesn’t rise to the top of the heap as far as ” must do’s” go. Ah well….

In September, the Eldest and his wife flew out for a brief visit. I used that opportunity as the perfect excuse to head up to one of my favorite places, the north coast of California. The Mendocino coast has many lovely cliffs, lots of ‘rocks’ in the water, and much cooler weather than we have at home, making it a perfect place to visit in September, since it is still quite hot here in the Valley at that point in the year. I’m not sure my DIL appreciated the quiet weekend as much as Hubs and I did, but hey, I tried!


Just last week I drove “up the hill” to camp for my dear Debbie’s retirement party. Wow. I can hardly imagine Mt Hope without Miss Debbie! She’s been a good friend and a wonderful mentor to my boys and so many others who have volunteered or worked at the camp in the last ten years. On the ‘good’ side, though, I am hoping she will have more free time for visits now…

The timing of the Retirement party coincided with Gina’s church’s Ladies’ Holiday lunch, where my my other friend, Nora, was speaking, so Judy and I stayed over with Gina (can you say slumber party?) and were blessed to attend the lunch, too. Good food, good friends, and a Good Word..what more could I ask for?



  1. what an amazing view 🙂

  2. There you are again. 🙂
    That coastal photo is so beautiful…
    Glad you could celebrate with friends…

  3. Whoa. Stunning lighthouse photo there. How could someone NOT appreciate that?!

    I’m glad you’ve had some celebrations and quiet weekends.

  4. That is a perfect coastal photo. And good times with good people!

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