Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 21, 2012

Books That Influenced My Parenting

Sorry, no way I could go Ten on this list! Well, who knows…let’s see.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

The Stong-Willed Child by James Dobson

Watchmen On The Wall by Gary Harrell and Anne Arkins

The Bible……no apologies here. Proverbs in particular is useful.

I Kissed Dating Good-Bye by Joshua Harris

I know there were others…but I sadly cannot think of them just now. Any bets on whether any of my boys are strong-willed?


  1. Can’t much relate… All of the James Herriot books? ;P

  2. Since I’m strong willed any bets on whether any of my 3 are? LOL! I think we have the original version of that book. It was updated, right?

  3. It’s interesting you listed “Little Women”. Can you expound on how that influenced you – a mom of (previously) little men? 🙂

    • When I was growing up my family life wasn’t very good…Reading Little Women, even way back then, gave me a picture of what a family could be like. These people loved one another and supported one another most of the time. They weren’t perfect, but they did give me something to look at that I wanted for my family.

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