Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 19, 2012


Not to shock anyone, or anything…but look, a post by the Scrabblequeen!

After many months of not much going on in the knitting dept, I have an FO I’d like to share with you. Yeah, I know…it IS pretty amazing. 🙂

Meet the “not quite a Holden” shawl, which I named Bamboozled on Ravelry.




Knit from 100% Bamboo yarn. I think the drape is superb. The color is….Sand. I hate that it changes color depending on the light source. Turns absolutely green under flouescent lighting….it must be seen outdoors in natural light to look its best.


In other news…my eldest son was married last week…we flew out to Joplin with the youngest to attend.



They had two very interesting (and well-done) cakes….



And this one, which will only make sense to some of you.




I don’t know if this post signals a return to more regulare blogging or not…time will tell. But seriously, I’ve missed some of you tremendously.


  1. Love the shawl and the wedding photos!! Congrats to the newlyweds and to you on your growing family.

  2. Well hello there!! So nice to see your blog post pop up on my Google reader. That shawl is fabulous. Congratulations to all on the wedding of your son! Love that book stack cake! Did you have those heat wave temps while you were there for the wedding?

  3. Love the shawl, love the happiness on their faces, loved the cakes! Especially the book one–wow.

  4. Great Shawl – and it is good to see you posting!
    That “stack of books” cake is really great!

  5. Congratulations to your son! What flavor did the Hitchhiker’s Guide turn out to be? I’ve often wondered…

  6. Your “almost Holden” which is based on Multnomah looks great. I have to finish my Multnomah one of these days.

    The photos from the wedding look fantastic! You must be so proud =D

  7. wow >Wedding couple so lovely. wedding book cake…PERFECT>
    Shawl…impressive. Happy you posted!

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