Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 23, 2012

Still Alive

Hi, and thanks to all those who have checked to see what the heck is going on over here. Yes, I am still here, but I just haven’t been at a place in my life where blogging was working for me. I’ll try to do a quick pictoral catch-up of the last few months highlights.

In January I flew down to Southern CA to attend a conference at my son’s school. While in the area we also visited my step-mom, Jean, who is now 89 and fading…

Daniel and Jean

In February I went to Tea with a couple of friends....
And went to various Sacramento Kings games….

And just for grins (as my friend Risa always used to say) we went to a hockey game, too. 🙂

I even knit something! This is the Scarf of Shadows, by Heatherly Walker (aka YarnYenta) I still need to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which inspired this design.

More recently, we did some work in the back yard. And, while it wasn’t our intention to build a swimming pool….

Our patio addition did double as a pool (for the birds at least) for about a week, since the rain finally came right before we were ready to pour concrete. Next step is adding drains, because, as you can see, when it gets around to raining our yard floods a bit.

And we had a little concrete left over, so we re-did part of the pathway out to the shed. Oh, and the tulips are blooming!



  1. All the pictures are beautiful, but I especially love the last one. I wonder if the tulips will get eaten in my garden?

  2. All right! I was beginning to get worried!

  3. So glad you are still alive. Good job on that cement work!

  4. Your tea was very elegant! And the yard looks gorgeous. Easy to see why you’ve been too busy to blog- and I’m glad there was a lot of fun happening too!

  5. Yeah! You are blogging! Where did you go for tea? I love the new patio! I bet you will really enjoy it. Does your tree give you enough shade in the afternoon/evening that you can still be out there?
    Amy 🙂

  6. Good to see you again! The garden looks nice and will be ready just in time for all the garden weather, even though I do hope you guys still get some more rain before summer.

    And the new Sherlock movie? Brilliant! Better than the first.

  7. I want a tour of your garden area the next time it’s light when I’m at your place. It looks beautiful.

  8. Your garden and patio are beautiful. And I really love the love in that photo of those two together. I’m so glad you went.

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