Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 31, 2011

Reading Review 2011

My reading goals for 2011 were pretty simple; For starters, I only comitted to reading 50 books. Goal NOT met, due to major disruption in my life this year. I also wanted to read 4 new-to-me Classics; again, goal NOT met, with only two read, Dracula and The Woman In White. Ah well. Tomorrow IS another year! Third stated goal for 2011 reading was to read 4 Christian Classics or non-fiction. I’ll count this as a win! The Five Love Languages, Words To Live By, When The Hurt Runs Deep, and Surprised By Worship.

1: The Teaberry Strangler
2: Dracula
3: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
4: (THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES)) BY Chapman, Gary D.(Author)Paperback{The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts} on 01 Jan-2010
5: The Secret Life of Bees
6: Dead As a Scone
7: That’s (Not Exactly) Amore
8: Trial by Fire
9: How Does Your Garden Grow? and Other Stories (Poirot)
10: Dragonsdawn
11: The Final Crumpet (Wheeler Large Print Book Series)
12: The Woman in White
13: Word of Honor
14: 16 Lighthouse Road
15: Scones & Bones
16: Jane
17: The Yada Yada Prayer Group
18: Heart of Lies: A Novel
19: Mr. Monk on the Road
20: How to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn
21: Equal Rites
22: Words to Live By
23: Messenger of Truth
24: An Incomplete Revenge
25: Eats, Shoots & Leaves
26: When the Hurt Runs Deep: Healing and Hope for Life’s Desperate Moments
27: Surprised by worship : discovering the presence of God where you least expect it
28: The Help
29: Snuff
30: An Amish Christmas: A Novel

I have not decided on any goals for 2012, but think it likely I will try again to do something similar to 2011…only THIS time….meet ALL the goals!

What did YOU read? Did you make and/or meet your goals? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

May your New Year be blessed with love and joy. Ruth.

PS…if you want authors…go to the Reading List page.


  1. The years activities took over. I really didn’t have a list of goals. I tend to go with daily or weekly goals. I did manage to read some books but nothing deep or real meaningful…mostly escape reading. Thankfully I managed completing a Bible study at church. Happy New Year to you and yours Ruth!

  2. 5 Love Languages is a great book. I’m sure I read fewer books than you did. I’m not sure I’m going to have goals this year. We’ll see…

  3. I joined the Ravelry “52 Books in a Year” group and posted my reading as a master list in the sticky thread.

    I don’t think I am going to read as much this coming year – but I am doing a “year of reading free.” (

    Want to join?

  4. I haven’t the foggiest idea how many books I read this year! I’m currently reading 3…Joseph Prince’s “Unmerited Favor”. His message of grace will knock your socks off! Jan Karon’s “In the Company of
    is by far her best book, and “Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power.”
    The latter, though perhaps scoffed at by my evangical peers, has some merit if you understand the physics String Theory and can relate it all to Genesis 1. (I shall spare you the details!) Happy Newe Year!

  5. I had a bunch of goals, some of which I met, some not. I didn’t actually have a goal for books, except to track them, which I did. I finished with 154 books, up substantially from last year, though the list does include things I was re-reading. In knitting, there were a couple of projects I wanted to do and didn’t, but several that I did. It was a good year, all in all 🙂

  6. My daughter gave me a classic Finnish children’s book, from about the same time frame as Frank Baum: The Finn Family Moomintroll, one in a series I’d never heard of before. I wonder if Sandra Boynton got her hippos motif from there (although, hippos are kind of straightforward to draw a cartoon of.)

  7. The only goal I had this year was to hit 150 books, which I did. I finished at 167 I think. Most of those are audio books, so no, I didn’t have that much time to sit and read. This year my goal is to spend as much time with my getting older and decrepit dog as possible (that is a little less creepy than it sounds) and work less. Here’s hoping we all reach our goals!

  8. I read more this year then in the recent years past, I read almost all knitting fiction and I did purchase more books then I actually read. When time is available its a toss up between knitting and reading and knitting always seems to win!

  9. Lot’s of good reading for 2011. I’ve made it my goal to use my Kindle more this year than last and to include more classics in my reading schedule. I’m on my 4th book for January.

  10. Just so you know, I’m totally blaming you… when you asked about goals I thought, ‘hmm, I should have goals’. Which has led to me not so much selecting a few goals as writing down absolutely everything I want to get done in a huge monstrous to-do list. (On the plus side, I’ve made startling progress against that list just in the last few weeks, so I need to thank you as well for inspiring me!)

  11. Just checking in…

  12. *taps screen experimentally* Is this thing on? Hope all is well with you, and you’re just having too much fun to post!

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