Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 20, 2011

I Finally Got A Round Tuit

I’m playing Dishrag Tag again this year….not that you could tell from my blog….but, I am. Which is to say, I did…
as in, I got the box, I knit the dishrag, I sent it on to Texas. But….the computer died, and I’ve been a mess, and had to learn how to do things on the new computer….and Fail.

I rather enjoyed the pattern for the cloth this year…but I wish I had realized sooner that using larger needles than I usually do for cotton would have been a very good idea. The cloth I knit from the Tangerine cotton was a good bit smaller than the one I received, and needed extra repeats to achieve a reasonable size. Ah well, live and learn, right?

But now, I’m gonna try to make some of that up to my team. We’re Team Two, aka The Round Tuits. 🙂 My team captain, Alaina, is super. She set up a Rav group and everything! She got the box first, directly from Emily. Then me…because I’m the farthest West person on the team and because I asked. Isn’t it great how that all worked out?

This is a shot of the goodies I found crammed into the box when it arrived here on Sept. 9th.

Box of goodness


So now the only thing left to do is…..GO Team Round Tuits!!

Well Phooey! I wanted to include the official DRT V button in this post, but because it is a Bitmap, WordPress won’t let me do it. How is a Bitmap unsafe? Seriously? Sigh….


  1. That’s a cute package. I have a round tuit, the kind that helps open jars. Yours is much more fun.

  2. What?! No round tuits in the box?! Wish I knew where all of Daddy’s went. He actually had business cards made of… round, wooden “tuits” back in the ’70s or so…

  3. Sorry for the computer stress. Emily’s dishcloth was smaller than mine. So, I wouldn’t worry about the size. Glad you likes everything 🙂

  4. Where’s the pic of your Dishrag? I wanted to see it!

  5. I have that tin!

    You know, I intentionally left out the gauge on this one. It’s a great scrubby in any size, and a little bit like that game telephone since the example cloth is in the box and not in a picture. For race purposes, everyone is knitting the same number of stitches!

  6. Hey, just convert the bitmap to a jpg or gif file. Easy-peasy- open the bitmap in Paint, save as in the new format, open it again to see if it looks okay! (And I love your team name!)

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