Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 18, 2011

Oh Yeah, That…

So Chan and Alison both wanted to know more about the ‘test’ photo from the last post. I guess I forgot that I never posted what happened with the County Fair entires…oops. Ask me if I’m surprised that I forgot…NOT!

So yes, I put four photos into the Fair, and exactly one won earned a ribbon. A third place ribbon. Dear and doggy were helping me to get a good photo of the photo..because, honestly, they are both cuter than I am!

Cottage on Culloden Moor, Scotland 2010

I also put my Frankensocks and Tara’s wedding shawl into the Fair, and surprisingly, both of them won ribbons too! I figured out why rather quickly once I arrived at the Fair….my socks were one of only four pair entered into that category, and therefore almost assured of winning something….and ditto the shawl. For some strange reason very few knitted items were entered this year. Though, perhaps now, after the fact, I might have a clue as to why. One of the other local knitters I know also entered socks into the Fair. Her socks placed ahead of mine, and were lovely Cookie A cabled socks. AND SOMEONE STOLE THEM RIGHT OUT OF THE EXHIBIT HALL. OK, I’ll stop yelling now, but it makes me seriously angry that someone would do that.

Third place Frankensocks


Second place shawl

So now you have…..the rest of the story. Happy Chan and Alison?


  1. I know I should be yelling Congratulations, and indeed, congratulations, but my brain is yelling, NO WAY! I can’t believe someone would do that. That’s just sad. If you knew it were someone who really needed them, that would be one thing, but chances are it was just a greedy person who thought they should have them. Sad.

  2. Very happy, and I hope you are proud of yourself!! That’s awesome… except for the stolen socks. Boooo!!!

  3. what lovely prize winning projects Good for you!!!

  4. Well a hearty congratulations for all your winnings! That is disgusting that someone would steal those socks!!!

  5. Of course not many people entered socks…they’re too darn hard to make!!! You deserve an award for just finishing them! And the sock thief should be caught and forced to knit socks for days on end with no pattern…and out of a very fine yarn!

  6. Congratulations!!!

    And yowsers on the theft. That’s really hard. There would be a temptation to examine so many feet at the un-fair.

    The post office has the tracking number and dates and maybe they’ll even actually look for the red Kid Seta and cashmere double-stranded Rabbit Tracks scarf that never showed up at Holly’s in Germany…. yet, anyway. Sent Aug. 30.

  7. Ooh, that shawl is beautiful! And boo hiss for stolen socks! And a fantastic photo! Congrats on winning so many ribbons!

  8. I’m SUPER late but CONGRATS! That’s so awesome — and beeeautiful photo and knits. =)

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