Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 16, 2011

Remember Me?

I have been absent for ten whole days! Not intentional, but these things happen. In the meantime my old laptop died, a new one was ordered, and today, arrived. Still in the learning curve phase as this has a whole new operating system. Oh, and all those passwords you barely remember because you have them set to be remembered by the machine? Yeah…I had to come up with those, too.

This is only a test


  1. Well, I’m glad to see that you remembered! Maybe this laptop will like my blog better, too?

    I wish you patience in getting used to the new OS!

  2. yea for new ‘puters! Glad you remembered at least some of the passwords. g

  3. I used to use one password for everything and then realized that this was not a good idea. So now I have 1730 different passwords, can’t remember any of them and there you are. You can’t win.

  4. Oh, the password thing, I commiserate. Congrats on remembering at least some of them!

  5. Love the photo. Tell us more about that!!

  6. What Chan said! And have fun with your new computer! I just learned a few days ago that my MacBook Air (more Richard’s Air) can do things I didn’t know it could do. Oh. We’ve only had it two years.

  7. Enjoy that new computer! They’re fun if you can make them work!

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