Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 6, 2011

Meet My New Friend


Brown Betty arrived on Friday or Saturday, and she is here to stay! Dearest dropped my cobalt blue pot a week or so before that…sniff, sniff….but the good news is, Betty is an eight cup pot! I’ve wanted a larger pot for a long time, so all in all I guess this was a good thing, right?


  1. Yes…brown Betty looks like a perfect friend for you!

  2. Hello, Betty! Enjoy your new, big teapot.

  3. She’s a beauty! Now you can drink even more tea! LOL

    • LOL….now I can drink tea with even more friends!

  4. Nice!! I’ve wanted one of those for a long time, alas I cannot justify it as I have several already. Enjoy!

  5. Welcome Betty – nice to meet you. You know, you can have more than one teapot, right? g

  6. I love it, I may have to tell Tom I need that pot!!! All mine are little 2 cuppers, but I guess technically that is all I need

    Hi Betty welcome to the kitchen!

  7. Owning an extra large mug for my hot cocoa, I’m chuckling at the larger holder. But no more cobalt blue? No complaints; that one’s beautiful.

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