Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 22, 2011

If I Only Had A Brain

I was supposed to go up The Hill on Wednesday last with my friend Pam for the purpose of visiting friend Gina and picking, eating, and “canning” blackberries. It didn’t happen, however, because I have this problem with my brain lately and I totally missed that this was the very same day my brother and SIL were visiting me….here. Ooops.

Luckily for me, Pam and Gina picked an extra bucket of berries and Pam brought it down the hill for me. So, I got have my visit and eat blackberries too. Sort of like having my cake and eating it, too, only better. 🙂 Even better still, there are plenty more berries ripening away up at Gina’s place and another trip is being planned. Win, win, win. Brother, blackberries, and Gina!

Jim and Janice August 2011


Brother Jim and sil Janice live in Hawaii on the Big Island, so we don’t get to see them much. You’d think I would make habit of visiting them there, but in truth, we’ve only made the trip once, back in Feb. 2007. Jim is a cyclist. He was hit while cycling last year and had some pretty serious injuries. This trip to CA was in part to celebrate his full recovery and the end of the court case, which found the driver guilty of a few things, but only gave him a slap on the hand for punsihment. (You’d think someone working for the local government, driving a government vehicle, and doing so without a valid license, might get more than a slap for hitting someone and causing substantial injuries….but no.) So, how’d he celebrate? Yeah, a Century ride up on/near Mt Shasta!

Anyway…I digress. It must be part of the brain thing, no? So I got the berries from Pam on Friday but didn’t do anything with them until tonight, when I did this…

Blackberries, Strawberries, and Blueberries

And then, this….

Freshly baked

Yes, my oven is a little dirty, isn’t it? And then…..this!

Three Berry Crisp and Cream

Which, looked good enough to eat, so we did!
I also owe you a post about The Fair. And some Knitting. And…something. But, you know that whole brain thing? Ya…well…maybe later, okay?



  1. Your brain is just fine – it’s life that’s crazy! Loved your pics of your dessert – looks yummy!

  2. Oh yummy. Personally, I wouldn’t fuss about missing the picking part, especially for such wonderful visitors.

  3. What fun to be able to see your brother and SIL. I’m glad he has recovered well enough to do more riding! That 3 berry crisp looks fabulous…

  4. Brains are highly overrrated. Whatever you have is just fine, especially when you make such tasty goodies.

  5. And here I’ve been looking all over the county for a spot to pick wild blackberries where I won’t get into trouble or run off for trespassing! You are one lucky girl, even if you’re brain is taking the summer off!

  6. I’m so glad you got that visit and that he’s recovered! That crisp looks like a fine way to carry on the celebrating.

  7. That looks so good!!! Yum Yum Yum can you tell I have been deprived?

  8. Ah, nice visit! And good for Jim for getting back on the cycle.

    And your crisp looks marvelous. Yum! (And the oven is clearly frequently used- who can keep a clean oven if they actually cook in it? Nobody!)

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