Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 5, 2011

Believe It or Not…..

I got my first ever pedicure today!
Considering that I am “old as dirt” it seems a tad weird that I’ve never done this before. Amy and I went together (my idea) and I’m really glad we did. I may have to do this again….sometime. Be sure to go check out Amy’s flowers…they are different than mine. 🙂

My first pedicure!


  1. adorable. perhaps I have to go get a pedi now with FLOWERS. My mom was 77 last year when I took her for her first pedicure.

  2. You definitely need some sandals to show off these toies

  3. I like your cute toesies, especially the flowery ones. i haven’t had a pedicure in years. Hmmmm, maybe I should to.

  4. Very cute. I’ve only had a couple pedicures in my life scheduled by nieces for their weddings. I scheduled a pedi/mani for later this month because I got a gift card to have it done. Generally I can’t get out of the salon without messing something LOL!

  5. Cute! You’re not weird though, either that, or I am too because I’ve never had a pedicure, or a manicure, either. I think this is mostly because I once glimpsed my mother’s nails without polish after she wore polish for years. They were kind of yellow and I could never fathom why anyone would want to do that to themselves. Finding the middle ground was never my strength.

  6. Those toes are just adorable! I must admit, I’ve never had a pedicure in all of my 55 years, and only one manicure. But your pictures are making me think maybe I should make an appt…

  7. Hooray!! I need a pedi, but I dropped a chair on my left big toe last friday so it is sore, and I ripped the same left shin open Monday night while the power was out, so I’m waiting for that open wound to close…

    LOVE the flowers.

    I think you know I get pedies every few weeks all year ’round, except when we have insanely snowy winters, because I’m not risking frost bite for purdy toes. I have the Knight convinced it’s almost medicinal…

  8. So, if you’re older than dirt…that makes me….ah, never mind!
    Love the pedicure!

  9. Now you can not only tiptoe through the tulips, you can be one with the tulips. Ommmm (or as my husband would put it, ohmmmmm…)

  10. Pretty!

    @chanknits, I feel your pain…at the moment I’ve managed to stub three different toes (on different occasions) hard enough that I’m losing the nails. I think it would take more than a pedicure to make my feet look pretty right now!

  11. Those are cute. I love manicures – but nope – they can leave my feet alone!

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