Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 28, 2011

How Succulent Is That?

Last week I went on a photo shoot with a friend who was getting inspiriation for a Watercolor picture she has been commissioned to paint. Here are some, not all, of the plants I found in two of our local “nurseries”. I put that in quotes because they were both the plant sections at hardware stores!

The variety is nearly infinite. They range from tiny to huge, plain to fancy, beautiful to….yeah, not so pretty. For the record, I bought only one. 🙂


I might post a few more of these later…


  1. So did you buy the spiky one that I see someone holding? I guess they could all be described as spiky….

  2. I’ve always liked succulents, perhaps because they’re rather exotic in Central Va…

  3. I’d have chosen the one with the 3 red ‘blooms’ on top…hands down. C’mon, tell us, which one did you buy?

  4. Those remind me of the time I backed into a cactus butt first. The prongs were 5 inches long. It was fun. Or not.

  5. Wow, one actually blooming! That’s rare, isn’t it?

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