Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 24, 2011

Books, Authors, and Libraries

Last week I went to the annual meeting of The Friends of The Library with Margaret. It was the best kind of meeting…starts with visiting and appetizers, then a very brief “business” meeting, then a wonderful chat by the visiting author, and ending with a signing opportunity. Oh, and I had the chance to become a Friend, too, which I had wanted to do for a long time. And yes, I grabbed it while the getting was good.

The author this time was M.L. Malcolm, writer of two books of historical fiction, and a self-described, “recovering lawyer”. Gotta love that!


Being a bit of a history geek I get excited when two of my favorite things collide in one…books + history = happy me. I was able to snag, I mean acquire an autographed copy of her second book Heart of Deception at this event. I would have liked to have had the first as my autographed copy, but I missed that boat as they didn’t bring enough copies to the meeting for all who wanted it and it was already gone by the time I was in line…ah well.

In any event, I will be reading both quite soon…I picked up the first book from the library today…:-)
In fact, I went in to pic up the one book that I had been waiting for…and left with three. Hmm…anyone surprised by that? Guess which one was the “hold” book…go ahead, guess…if lots of you guess corretly I’ll do one of the blind/random number generator thingys and send something nice to you…:-)

Three from the library!


  1. Oooh! Hurry up and let me know if they need to be added to my reading list. They sound right up my alley.

  2. No I’m not surprised.
    Hope the books are great!

  3. So, on hold…I’m gonna go with Monk. Am I right?

  4. I hope there’s a library in heaven! OK, I’ll go with the “How to Knit a Love Story” just because the title is beautiful.

  5. Mr. Monk…A love song… And now my brain is stuck with Hey Hey We’re the Monkeeeeees!

  6. Ooo! Friends of the Library, now there’s a group I’d love to join!

  7. those books look fabulous. I’m currently reading The Help (yea, I’m behind the ball on this one) and I’m loving it.

    I’m interested to know about How to Knit a Love Song – the cover is beautiful, I hope the story matches. I’m guessing that was your hold book.

    By the way – your toes look great! g

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