Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 23, 2011

Babies’ Got a New….

In the last week or so, the Grrls have gotten both new harnesses and a new little bed basket. I’d been in chat with Channon about new harnesses for a few days before I happened to stop by the local PetCo and stumble across the perfect solution to our little dog needs.

The pups seem to be better behaved on walkies since the new harnesses went into use. I like the ease of use…step-in style! The link I have shows them on sale…for half what I paid, which I thought was prety darn good. If you need a new harness, consider these. Oh, and don’t go by the weights listed…much better to use the neck and “girth” measures. For more info, Google these and look at other pages.

Each of my little Grrls received a Pet Attire harness, size XS. Sasha’s is the cute flowers with a brown border, while Misty received Paws n Bones with the bright green trim. Now momma thinks they need new, color- matching leashes…:-) No Misty pics…she has decided to run and hid whenever the camera comes out…

The basket came from our friend Belinda. She recently lost her mother to cancer and inherited a ton of baskets…she thought my babies ought to have this one…

Apparently, Sasha, at least, agrees.


  1. Sasha looks quite pleased with HER basket! That was nice of your friend to share.

    Love the harnesses. I didn’t see that style/brand in our PetCo.

    And yes – new matchy leads!! 😉

  2. Love them! I think they might be JUST the thing for our pets too! Do they only wear them for walking? Do they mind them otherwise?

  3. awwww…love them!

  4. He he, we bought wicker baskets for some of our girls a few years ago. All but one have been sent to the basement. Morgan still sleeps in hers, but she turns round and round before settling down to sleep and the wicker moans and groans as she turns. No one can sleep till Morgan gets settled in.

  5. I’m so sorry she lost her mother. Sasha, meantime, looks sweet in there.

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