Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 21, 2011

Something Is Lacking

I often hear folks say, when they feel a lack of something, that their “mojo” is missing. Chan had lost her knitting mojo. She hopes to find it again….soon. So, I began to wonder, what exactly IS mojo?

The most common definition I could find says that mojo is “a magical charm, hex, or power”. Hmm…I don’t think that’s what Chan meant. Neither do I believe she meant “sex appeal”, which also comes up quite often.

So, I’ll just have to settle for saying that something is missing here, in me, re blogging lately. I’ve been busy doing lots of things…some of them quite interesting. I’d love to chat with you about them, but the idea of sitting down with the computer, editing photos, and writing out a post hasn’t sufficiently excited me in recent days. Or perhaps I should say, hasn’t excited me enough to actually follow through and DO it.

Here’s hoping that that “something special” that allows me to blog returns soon. No magic needed, just a bit of motivation, perhaps?


  1. Oh, I do hope you find “it” soon! I miss feeling like I’m in touch with you even if we haven’t been able to sit down and chat. I do hope I get to see you before too long!

  2. Hahahahahahaha… You are 100% correct. Mojo – for me anyway – is my knitting muse. It’s what draws me to the needles, rather than Facebook, a book-book, etc.

  3. Mojo is used up here in reference to the Mariners baseball team for some reason…hmmm.
    Those hydrangeas are lovely.
    Glad you have interesting things to fill your time! :0)

  4. My bloggy mojo has also vanished. Too many family crises at the moment, I guess. Tell you what: I’ll write my blog if you write yours.

  5. That happened to me a few weeks ago. Just didn’t want to blog. I think its good to take a break now and then. What good are hobbies if you don’t enjoy them?

  6. It’s summer. You probably have better and more pleasant things to do than sit at the computer telling us about those better and more pleasant things you’d like to be doing, but can’t because you’re telling us about them. If you see what I mean. Happy Summer!

  7. When the knitting sags, it means I need more people time–so knitting with friends at a yarn store brings it back. So, re the blogging, well, I’m sending my words to sit down with you and have a nice conversation.

  8. I’m feeling similarly about blogging… perhaps it’s the weather or the thought of summer… but I have so many things I intend to blog about that I’m woefully behind.

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