Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 7, 2011

The Hurrier I Go….

The behinder I get? I looked through the past months’ posts and was somewhat (but not really) shocked to see that I hadn’t posted on knitting since April 29th.  What’s up with that? It’s not like I stopped knitting or something….

At that time, I shared that was doing a Knit-a-long with Irishgirlieknits group on Ravelry. Well, those Sweet Home socks were finished by May 29th (and worn today) but never shared here. Again I ask…why not?  Great pattern. Fun knit. Nice enough finished socks…

SWEET HOME in Lorna's Lace's "Grumperina"

And, in the intervening weeks since I last shared about knitting, I also knit a hat and scarf set in Patons Classic Wool, Merino, in a lovely shade of “Denim” blue. I got pics of the hat, but apparently never bothered to shoot the scarf. Oh well…it’s easy to picture as it is a simple Brioche stitch. I used two skeins total for the hat and scarf set. As I wanted to have no left-overs, I knit the scarf until the first skein ran out, then made the hat, then went back to the scarf until the second skein was gone. As in, down to the last couple of inches…Success! Not a bad deal. The scarf measured 7 inches by 55 inches, unblocked.

There is still a tiny, and I mean tiny! bit more knitting to share.
I was lucky enough to get accepted as a Test-Knitter for a new baby vest and hat set designed by
Joji Locatelli . I was just cruising through the Malabrigo Junkies forum one day and saw the call for test-knitters, put my name into the pile of folks eager to get a jump on the pattern help out, and…voila!
I just happened to have plenty of Rios hanging around, so I was able to use the exact yarn the pattern was designed for. For me, that is a veritable miracle! I think in all my years of knitting I could show you how many times I had used the “pattern” yarn without using up all my fingers….Why yes, I AM a bit “that way”, why do you ask?
Anyway, Felipe was released to the public, free, and is a very nice, easy and quick knit.

My Felipe was knit on size 4 and 6 needles using Malabrigo Rios in an un-named colorway, which is a “one-off” or “oops” color variation of Azules. It came out very, very small. The pattern did specify “newborn” but I know that at least two of my babies would have been too big to fit this little vest. I also know that certain details of the pattern were up-dated since my test-knit, some of which changes were designed to help with the sizing. In any event, it should be quite easy to up-size this vest and hat to fit bigger babies…

Lastly, I’ve been knitting a baby blanket for about a week. That is to say, in the last week I’ve cast on, knit 8-10 inches, ripped it all out, cast on again, and now knit one whole skein, or about 14 inches of a baby blanket. Vanna’s Choice Baby in Bluebell, on size 9 needles, using a Feather and Fan stitch with a garter stitch border. The first effort failed due to the whole “gauge” thing. Pattern suggests worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles….Vanna’s Choice is purpotedly worsted…but…not so much. I would have ended up with a very wide, very short blanket had I not frogged it and re-started. Things are looking much better now, but I can’t show you, as I seem to be allergic to taking photos of my knitting lately….ahem…
So, that’s all the knit news for now…oh, except that any day now I should be getting my first clue for a shawl in some lovely PennyRose yarn for the Light & Dark Lace Club KAL….


  1. Beautiful knits! That’s more than I’ve done all year.

    • That’s more than I’ll probably finish all year…. including last year. LOL

  2. Did you finish the first clue, yet? Evil laugh here.

    I love the socks. It’s not too hot here to wear mine, so you’ll have to do the sock thing for me.

  3. That Rios Azules is what I made my Dad’s cabled birthday hat out of; lovely stuff.

  4. Love your socks! The baby outfit is adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  5. Aw! The baby outfit is delightful. And the socks and hat are lovely. Especially the socks- the colors are perfect for summer.

  6. One of my life goals is to stop hurrying. But I’m not hurrying to reach it. LOL. Your knitting is sooo awesome. I wish I could make socks. It just seems so darn hard! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

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