Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 23, 2011

Scary, Scary, and Sad

Yesterday evening a large tornado passed through a town in Missouri that borders a very small town in Kansas. Sue wrote up this event quite well, so I’m not going to try to do better…go here for pics and info.

You might just be wondering why I am mentiong this event….well, it’s like this; My eldest son works in Joplin and was there last night…..And my husband’s family (mom, dad, sister, brother, spouses, children, etc) all live in that little town in Kansas,nere miles from Joplin. They all shop there, and many of them work and school there, too.

Today I am incredibly happy to be able to say that none of MY loved ones were injured in this tornado. I am also terribly sad for those who were not so fortunate. I thank God for His care of my family, and I pray for the best for all the folks in that area that were not spared loss of family, friends, belongings, or workplace.


  1. Wow, I’m sure glad your family and friends are all OK while my heart goes out to those who were not so fortunate.

  2. I *KNEW* I knew someone with a very personal connection to Joplin. Glad your dearests are safe.

  3. So happy to hear all your loved ones are safe. It is amazing to see the devastation those tornadoes have caused. Have been thinking about everyone there.

  4. That really is too close for comfort. I’ve been praying for the people there. Glad your loved ones are safe. Right now we’re praying for my brother’s family in Dallas. They are hunkering down in their center hall waiting for the tornado warnings to pass. 2 might have touched down. Little Miss Hope is playing with flashlights so it’s not too bad for them right now and we hope it doesn’t get any worse.

  5. Glad that all your family and friends are safe. Joplin is just a couple hours down the road from where I live. We had tornados in the area here again last night and everyone is still on edge from the Joplin storms so made for a very interesting evening. Actually the sky is very black out as I am writing this at 3:30 in the afternoon. Gotta love spring in tornado alley. Or not!

  6. Oh wow. So they’re in a position to help, and thank goodness for that; I wish I could.

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