Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 19, 2011

Not JUST A Pillow Pup

You may think we spend our whole lives indoors, resting on soft, plump pillows and sofas….it’s not true!

You want me LOOK at you? Seriously?

Sometimes we (Sasha in particular) like to lie around outside, too. 🙂

Ah....the sun feels good.


  1. I know it’s sad, but I look past the dog and think, wow, that ground looks baked. My second thought is a bit redeeming though – isn’t it a bit uncomfortable to be laying around on? Sun or no sun? Get that dog an outdoor bed! 😛

  2. Heh. Love the wind in her fur… and the ground does looked baked.

    They make weather-resistant dog beds you know…

    • LOL…you are assuming she would deign to to use the dogbed, if such were provided! As it is…Sasha chooses to stretch out on either the warm dirt, the cool patio cement, or go indoors for luxury. She has lovely grass to lie on, should she choose to do so….which is usually a ‘no bob”!

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