Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 15, 2011

Mother’s Day…

I know, I know….Mother’s Day was last Sunday….but, it is kind of difficult to write about something before it has had a chance to happen.

At this point, all of our boys are off hither and yon, and it took a few extra days for all the calls, texts, instant chats, and gifts to find their way to me. I don’t mind at all, as I feel much the same way about Mother’s Day that I do about Valentine’s Day. I don’t need Hallmark to tell my family when they should tell me ‘thanks’ or ‘I love you’ or whatever they might need/want to tell me.

By the time it was all over, however, I had received some kind of contact from each of my four boys men. Then, a few days later, I received this adorable apron from the Hubby Dearest…The fact that I knew it was coming did not diminish my joy in receiving it!

Pank! Not just Chan's dogs....:-)

Then, a few more days went by without anything else happening….Now, time for a little story…
I’d been having trouble sleeping for several nights, so when I realized that
1) I didn’t have a morning student and
2) my dental appointment wasn’t until noon-ish, I decided to sleep in and try to catch up a bit…LOL…
At 9:00 am the doorbell rang. I woke from a sound sleep, ran to the intercom, and said, “hello?”.

It was my lovely friend Rebecca, with my Pampered Chef order….Oops. I knew she was supposed to come sometime that morning….I threw on a jumper and ran downstairs to open the door. While I was standing there, trying to wake up and make some sense out of life, a man walked up, thrust a box in my hand, and walked off. He then drove off in what looked like an un-marked white van.

What is this? Oh, it is from Amazon and has Daniel’s name on it. Oh, shoot. He must have accidentally forgotten to have his school book (for post session) delivered to his school address….or so I thought.
Really, it was about two hours later by the time I realized it could possibly be the gift that he had hinted at when we were on the phone on Sunday….

I actually had to wait for his final (it was Final’s week, but now I have to wait two more weeks to see him, since he’s taking a Post-session class) to be over before I could call him and tell him about the box. Naturally, he laughed at me, and said of course it was the gift he had mentioned was coming…

Teashop Mystery #12

All in all, it was a very good Day, week!


  1. Cute apron and wasn’t it nice to keep celebrating Mother’s Day? We decided NOT to go out for dinner because everyone and the universe is out there. So now I’m owed a Mother’s Day dinner. I like that.

  2. I’m like you about having to be honored on a Hallmark invented day :o)
    How nice that you heard from all the guys and were showered with some fun gifts!

  3. What a great post!! I just got the previous book in the series from Gaylen last week and have it ready to go… Why, I think I’ll go brew a strong cuppa’ and jump in.

    LOVE that apron.

  4. So nice! I love the apron! I have been wanting to sew some (I have the patterns & fabric even) but as I consider myself NOT a seamstress, it’s not happening.

  5. Love it! Brand ‘pank-ing new apron. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. apron is adorable–my daughter the baker would love it!!! And i think all celebrations that pertain to us (mothers day, valentines, birthday, anniversaries) should last at least a week!!!!!

  7. I lovelove love love your apron. Fun post!

  8. Such a great apron!! And I love the unexpected mail from your son… very cute!

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