Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 29, 2011


I just can’t get the day of the week posts to come out right these days….

It should be FO Friday, but that would require a finished object, and I have none to report. Nada. Nichts. I do, however, have several Works In Progress that I am willing to share with you, so…here goes!

First up, a pair of socks for the Irishgirlieknits group KAL on Ravelry.
Pattern: Sweet Home (by Irishgirlieknits, of course)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Grumperina colorway
Needles: KnitPicks Classic Circs, size 1

This is my second start on these, as the original yarn/needle combination didn’t suit me at all.

My Grumpy Sweet Homes

I love the pattern. No surprise there. It would likely be better shown off with a semi-solid yarn instead of this highly veriagted one, but no matter; they are for me and I like them!
Progress to date: nearly done with first cuff (not enough knitting time lately)

My second WIP fits the category of “and now for something completely different”!
I started it at Knit Night tonight…(Thurs) just in case I needed some help, which, surprise, surprise, I did.


Amethyst Square

I know, it doesn’t look very square yet, does it? If all goes well it will by the end. My friend, The Yarnian, posted (and linked to) a month long challenge on Wednesday. Hooked on Handmade is hosting a CAL for the month of May. I haven’t decided if I will officially join or not…but I am intrigued. A CAL involves using something not in my usual comfort zone.



Non-pointy stick (singular)!



Yup…I’ll be hooking as well as needling if I don’t give up in frustration! There are Rav links, and Facebook links, and cute little buttons you can add to your blog if you want to play along…and it looks rather fun. So…do you think I can/should do this? Who else is in?


  1. Pretty yarns and projects. At least you’re doing something. I have vowed to cast on socks tomorrow.

  2. Memories. I crocheted things like that a long time ago–because my mom had made twin friends of mine matching lined purses for their birthday, a large crocheted circle like that on each side of each. They were gorgeous–and the twins’ mother told them they were for best and could only be taken to temple, not for everyday–she couldn’t believe someone had gone to that much work for her girls.

    We were ten or eleven at the time. I wanted a purse like that too, but Mom never got around to making another one, so I learned how to crochet and made circles like that eventually myself. And never (yet) made a purse…

  3. I can’t wait to see how your ‘square’ comes out!

  4. I love the idea of knitting socks…the reality is another story. I admire anyone who can wield all those needles at once!

  5. I haven’t even started mine yet. Way too much to do. Maybe I’ll take yarn for these on vacation.

  6. We’re confused. That doesn’t look amethyst or square, but Mom says to be patient. Things don’t always start out looking like they will in the end. She says even dogs are like that.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

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