Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 28, 2011

Ding Dong….Ditch?

The doorbell rang. The dogs barked. (and barked, and barked) I got the door open just in time to hear the sound of a truck driving off….and no one was on the porch. Aha! A box…..for me. 🙂

It’s a good-sized box, but it’s very, very light. What is it? Who is it from?

Is it tea? Nope. Is it Yarn? Hmmm….too light to be books….

Okay! This works for me. I vaugely recall ordering something from Vera a few weeks ago…on sale…What was that again?


Oh, right…an Olivia bag in a color I’ve been drooling over ages, but until now hadn’t actually purchased. Yummm…Java Blue. The sale was soooo good, that even with shipping (which wasn’t cheap) I got the bag for LESS than the current sale price. I’m a happy camper.

So, now I only have one question…how many Vera bags do I need to have to beat out Chan for “most” Vera?


  1. The bag would make an awesome project bag! So now you have to start something new and put it in the bag. Then buy another bag, and start something new again, etc, etc.

    • Um…yes. I bought it as a project bag…and I have a project fot it! Amazing, isnt it? There is a pair of socks going that I haven’t shown yet…

  2. Love the colors!

  3. I am not sure but between my two daughters and I we have over 50 Vera bags, been collecting since the 90’s Love yours and I have to check out the Olivia style, I have the java blue print but not that style

  4. One of my favorite patterns! I still need to see if my new friend the iPhone will fit in the wallet thingee made for smart phones…

    And I’m not about to count or confess. I will say that back when I worked at the fire dept. and carried an Itty Bitty Betsy, I had 14 of them…

  5. oooooooohhhhhh!

  6. Love the sock yarn colour!

  7. Oh that is pretty. I have to force myself not to buy more new totes.

  8. Oooohhhh! That is a thing of beauty! Love the color and pattern!

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