Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 15, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

EMPS #119: BIRDS.Big BIRDS. Small BIRDS. BIRDS on a wire. BIRDS you fix for dinner. BIRDS building nests. BIRDS on fabric. BIRDS in the air. BIRDS. That’s this week’s assignment… BIRDS.

Extra Credit: Since the weather is warming up a bit, show me some bees!

I started to look through my files for bird photos for this challenge, knowing that this week was too crazy to even hope to go get some new pics and knowing also that I had one or two birds in there somewhere…

I had no idea how many bird photos I had taken over the last three years. Wowza… I found…..


Blue Jay


Pretty, or should I say handsome? Peacock


Chickens, too. Lots of chickens, really.


Bengal Eagle Owl


Thank you Mr Seagull!


I also had falcons and hawks and geese and ducks…I guess I must be in a fowl mood fairly often?
And the extra credit assignment….

Can you find the bee?


  1. Beautiful photos. And that’s how I like my peacocks… can’t hear ’em from here!

  2. I daren’t look to see how many feathered friends I’ve photographed. Ducks always sucker me in to take their picture, then scurry away. So I’ve given up on ducks. Your peacock is handsome, but I like the rooster best!

  3. Love it. I’d love to see an owl like that! I did give my neighbor a chance to make me laugh yesterday; I described the Zone-tailed hawk I’d seen and the sheer size of the thing at 51″, and he laughed and asked me if I had a landing permit for that thing?

  4. If only bees were two weeks ago. The annual Swarm Around the Bedroom Chimney party ended with about 70 bees dead all over the bedroom floor.

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