Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 31, 2011

The “Monday” Photo Shoot…on Thursday


Carly Says,
“I am a history buff! I love visiting places of HISTORICAL INTEREST. Here you see a picture of Alcatraz Island which used to be the home of Alcatraz Prison. It fascinates me, and captures my attention whenever I cross the bay, but, alas, I haven’t actually been on the island there yet. Sometime I must play tourist and actually land on the THE ROCK. Now, I want to see the areas of HISTORICAL INTEREST in your area!”

Extra Credit: Tell us, in a couple paragraphs, why you chose the particular PLACE OF HISTORICAL INTEREST!

Recently I made a day trip to Sonoma with a friend. We ended up, not suprisingly at the historic old downtown square with the statue to commemorate the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846. Never heard of that event? How about the California Republic, then?

I shot a few pictures…both of the statue in the square….(all pics can be seen full-size with a click)

Bear Flag Statue


Plaque close-up

And of the Mission kitty-corner from the statue. Yes, Mission. As in original Spanish/Mexican Catholic mission building from long, long ago. California still has a number of these historic compounds in reasonable condition. A very few still operate as parish churches.

Does anyone know the name of this mission?

Mission San Fransisco Solano



So, why did I choose this place of historical interest? Two good reasons.

 1). I had recently taken photos  🙂

2). I’m a history geek. I know I’ve mentioned this before. Add  in the fact that I live smack dab in the middle of where some really great California history occurred, and…there you go!

We have so many historical sites within two hours of my home that when my eldest was in the fourth grade, aka California history year, we went on 28 field trips. Twenty-eight!!  Sonoma mission, Bear Flag square, General Vallejo’s mansion are all right near this spot in Sonoma.

The captial building, the governor’s mansion, the State Railroad Museum (and a whole lot more) are in nearby Old Town and Downtown Sacramento. Right outside the windows of the hospital Dearest works at is
Sutter’s Fort. Drive a few miles to the Coloma Gold Rush site of Sutter’s Mill.

A few more miles travel with take you to the Empire Mines. And then on to the Chawse Indian Grinding Rock park…

If you head out west past Sonoma, to the coast you can visit the old lifeboat rescue station and lighthouse at Point Reyes, along with the Miwok Indian Village.



Come on out for a visit and I’ll happily show you around. If you want, we can hit all 28 site my son’s class visited and go to San Fransisco, to boot!



  1. I love having history out my front door. I think most of us do… if we’re aware and interested!

  2. I enjoy local history very much. On my last trip to Hawaii, I was peppering the guy at the local coffee shop with questions about the history of the island. He was very kind and knowledgeable with his answers. When I got home I thought, “What if someone were to ask me about this area?” So I got busy and spent a year researching the history of my hometown. I already knew quite a bit; but I learned so much!

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