Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 29, 2011

Favorite Foods

30 Days of Lists Challenge


List 29

Bread…preferably freshly baked and still warm…ahhhhh
Fruit…how to cull this list? Strawberry, pineapple, blackberry, blueberry, orange, plum, grape….the list goes on and on and on
Lemon Supreme pie…you can keep your meringue…thank you very much!
Steak…not too rare, please 🙂
Fettucini Alfredo…with shrimp
Shrimp (duh)
A good, creamy New England Clam Chowder
Spinach (yes, really)
Cheese (again…like many varieties)

I think I’ll stop with those ten…but there are many, many other yummy things out there that I love!



  1. Nice list – except for the lemon pie.

  2. pasta-all kinds
    greek salad loaded with feta cheese and olives
    soups, most any kind as long as they are accompanied by bread

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