Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 23, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

30 Days of Lists Challenge
List 23

Castle!…don’t ask why watching this show feels like a guilty pleasure, but it does…
Dark Chocolate….mmmmmmmm
Hanging out in my jammies until noon some days…just because I can!
Staying up way too late reading…for fun
Getting new yarn, tea, or books….even though I have plenty in the house

Letting the pups get in bed with me after hubs goes off to work…:-)

It's the Boy's bed, so it's okay, right?


  1. My girls would be shocked at the last item. You know Sissy sleeps on a pillow, right?

  2. Ha! I just bought Katie season 2 of Castle.

  3. My guilty pleasures are:
    Books and magazines- stolen hours of reading
    Buying all kinds of flowers and herbs for the garden
    Potato Chips
    Listening to music on Pandora for hours
    Instead of doing housework, re-arranging rooms

  4. Two comment is one week but I had to say:

    I love love love Castle!

  5. Wow I should really learn some grammar. Or at least to type. In my defense Lady Bird is clawing up my leg and making it hard to concentrate.

    Three comments. I think I may be over my legal limit.

  6. Good yarn, good books, good dark chocolate…

  7. I think it’s Nathan Fillion. I feel guilty just looking at him! I love the show too- but it can’t be wrong to watch, my parents recommended it to me!

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