Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 14, 2011

My “Other” Camera

EMPS #115: CELL PHONE PHOTOSAlmost everybody has a CELL PHONE today, and most of them come with some pretty awesome cameras! Let’s show off what our CELL PHONE cameras can do. Instead of using your usual camera, grab your CELL PHONES and take a CELL PHONE PHOTO! If by any chance you don’t own a CELL PHONE with a CAMERA, then feel free to show me a PHOTO from any other source, such as an old CAMERA, or any CAMERA other then your usual one.

Got these photos on the way home from Los Angles today….the trees all looked like they had snow under them from the falling flower petals.




  1. Great cell phone shots Ruth. One of these weeks I’ll get back to Ellipsis!

  2. Neat! They turned out better than the photos I tried to take on my cell of the foggy mist that froze in the trees…

  3. Well, my cell phone is as old as the hills and the camera’s not too good…Sure would like to get a fancier I-Phone type!

  4. I almost thought those are snow when I first see the photo without reading . Nicely done.

  5. Hi Ruth 🙂

    LOVELY moody photos. Perfect for the last days of winter! Nicely done!

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