Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 12, 2011

Ages (Round Robin Photo Challenge)

The Challenge for Saturday, March 12th is:


Note the plural: not just one age, but a comparison, a contrast. Maybe you have photos of Cuddles as both a kitten and an elderly cat, or your daughter in preschool and at her wedding. Perhaps it’s a single photo: grandparents with grandbabies, big sister and little brother, or mother and child looking alike except for the age difference. Be creative! I’d especially like to see photos that show different ages but are related to each other in some way. For example, the little girl above is Eva’s great-great-granddaughter. Plus there are birthday balloons!

For my photo subject I choose son # three…My Airman!

June 1988


June 1989


A warrior from early on!

Airman and a Marine...back in the day

Summer Camp Missionary 2007


January hero!


  1. What fun to look through the ages! You have good reason to be a proud mom.

  2. can he be a hero of mine TOO? Love your photo round robin today

  3. Aww such a proud mom. That’s a great photo of him in his uniform. He looks at ease and very comfortable as an Airman =)

  4. Loved going through the history. Amazing how they change and grow, no? g

  5. Excellent! What a range of ages and looks!

  6. He’s the same age as my younger son, such a handsome young man you got there.

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