Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 7, 2011

Good News For Knitters (and other crafters)

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind that your crafting ‘habit’ was good for you, I offer this article, which states the stats that we can “reduce memory loss by 40%”. Woot…and Knit on.

Three who's brains will survive!



  1. Braaaaaaainssssss…

    Love the photo! Only 11 months till the next time!

  2. In that case, my brain will go on forever!

  3. So, is memory loss a bad thing if you forget you’re getting older? Or if you forget that you used to be, ahem, skinnier or more shapely? You can use memory loss selectively, you know, such as, “I forgot that I was scheduled for an enema last week….oh, well….” (or some equally pleasant thing you just want to avoid).

    Only kidding. I don’t believe doing things that make your brain work causes memory loss. But it’s a good excuse.

    • LOL Marjie…Doing the brain stuffs keeps you from losing your memory! However, I agree, you don’t have to own up to it all the time…if you don’t want to. 🙂

  4. Crafting, the anti-Alzheimer’s activity…

  5. Guess I’d better dig that project out of my knitting bag and get going. I forgot all about it…

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