Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 5, 2011

Weekend Goals

List 5

Sleep in (Sat)
Read (more than 1 page)
Knit (more than 1 row)
Sew (at least the gift for next week)
play “catch up” on a few things

I really hope those aren’t too lofty of goals for this weekend. It’s been a heck of a week!

Maybe another trip here would help?



  1. Love that last sign!

  2. You know how I manage to read now? I take my Nook and a little flashlight to bed with me. While hubby’s snoring away, I’m reading in the dark with my flashlight-sometimes well past midnight. Its really fun! Makes me feel like a kid getting away with staying up after bedtime! Surprisingly, I don’t feel tired in the a.m. from this new pastime.

    From Debora; who is keeping calm and carrying on here in Lynden.

  3. Oh yeah. Way to remind me I should be working out instead of trying to catch up on blog reading. Hem. I’ll get there right after I work out and find something for dinner, while I watch House.

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