Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 3, 2011

Something Different

I found this on Irishgirlieknits…who found it on Twitter…and I thought, well…this could be fun.

Lists…Did you know there is a 30 Days of Lists blog?

I wanted to do yesterday’s list, which was Things You Are Good At….but I guess since it is only the third, I can do all three lists so far?

List 1: A Few Things About Yourself

one who shares a love of math with others
dog lover
music lover
Book hoarder (working on this)

List 2: Things I’m Good At

Untie-ing knots
Avoiding housework 🙂
Getting into trouble
Keeping in Touch
Wasting Time

List 3: I Am Looking Forward To


My Airman’s visit

My next knitting project

Traveling again

Finding some lost things

Time with friends

Time with hubby

New things…experiences

My dogs getting groomed!



  1. Sounds like some fun things to look forward to. Next time I have an unruly knot I know who to call!

  2. I’m so glad you popped by the Pond!

  3. Oh! I’m good at avoiding housework too!! So glad you joined in!

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