Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 14, 2011

Wuv…Twoo Wuv…

Ellipsis Monday Photo ShootEMPS #112: LOVE
Today is Valentine’s Day, so why not celebrate LOVE?! Romantic LOVE is good, but if romance isn’t really your thing, then other loves will do fine. That’s the nice thing about Valentine’s Day, it’s not just about romance, it can be about other types of LOVE, such as LOVE between friends and LOVE of your children. LOVE of your pets. In fact, lets also include LOVE of your community. LOVE of your favorite movie, or even LOVE of reading or photography. Think about this assignment, and interpret as you see fit. Just show me the LOVE!

My love and I circa 2007 on the island of Hawaii. (click on pic for a nicer, bigger, view)

My Wuv and I

Please, go in search of twoo wuv* with the other’s who post on EMPS, too.

* (from the wedding scene of The Princess Bride)



  1. What a nice photo of the two of you! I have so few photos of the Knight & me…

  2. Mawiagge! I love that guy. Makes me giggle every time I watch that movie.

  3. lovely memory!

  4. Sweet photo

  5. The sunset in the background is so beautiful! a perfect backdrop for a lovely couple. For your info our Lipton teabags comes in yellow with red marking, it’s the trademark of Lipton. Perhaps that’s the color for Asia country?

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