Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 12, 2011

True Colors

The Round Robin Challenge for Saturday, February 12th is:

The idea is a simple one: Show us something that’s unusually colorful, exactly as your camera captures it. You can rotate, crop and/or sharpen your image, but don’t adjust the tone or colors in any way.

Okay! So here we go….I couldn’t pick just one.



Vivid Orange Flowers



Be still, my heart. 🙂



All of the above gloriously colorful flowers were photographed in June, at the Inverewe Garden, in Scotland.

Be sure to visit the other Robins and see flashes of color sure to amaze, amuse, and awe.


  1. Okay, okay, maybe I can GET ready for spring since it means flowers will be blooming!

  2. You captured some beautiful flowers!!! Great job!

  3. Beautiful ! Flowers often have the best colors !

  4. Gorgeous colors! I can never walk away from any flowers, must photographed them first.

  5. love the lupins!

  6. The orange ones are azaleas, aren’t they?

  7. i have tried in the past (when I had a garden) to grow Lupines with no success, they are so pretty!

  8. I need some color right now..this is a great post!

  9. What are the last flowers?!

    • I wish I knew! They were not marked as to variety as some of the plants in that garden were.

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