Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 7, 2011

Monday Photo Shoot

Walking Away….the theme for this week’s Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot

I just happen to have the perfect photo for this challenge. I took it May 31st, 2009 on a friend’s ‘ranch’ just outside of town. This was near the finale of my Pastor’s wife’s birthday party. She loves horses and western themed things, so having horses at the party was a “duh”. 🙂

Into the Sunset...

Yup. My Pastor’s (and the horses) rears are turned toward us, as our ‘hero’ rides off into the sunset! LOL…they had a cute little Western skit as part of the entertainment.

For my extra credit, here they are again….coming our way.

For the record, it was a goofy, corny skit, and no dis-respect is directed at Pastor Verl…


  1. Love that first shot!

  2. That first shot is a classic!!

  3. Awww… How cute is this! It’s fun! Love the look on the horse’s face. “Hello Camera! I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.” 🙂 Excellent choice for the assignment!


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