Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 27, 2011


Ever since we participated in the Winter Solstice Gift Swap, Sasha has been, let us say…..enamored….. of
Mr. Pip. There. It’s out in the open now.

Not only does she think he’s the most handsome dog ever, but she likes to imagine that she looks a lot like him. Here she is posing on her pillow….just like Mr Pip on his magic pillow….well, duh….our pillow isn’t magic silly girl!

I don’t know how long this infatuation is going to last, but I wonder….if it’s this bad now, what will she be like next month when it’s Valentines Day? Or in the spring when everyone gets twitterpated just because?
I think I overheard Sasha asking mom for something new to wear, something fancier than her ordinary harness and lead. Something ‘cool’, like Mr Pip’s nifty plaid outfit. Humph! Since when do we dress up?!

Here she is posing for what she called a ‘glamour’ shot.

Please….somebody shoot me…I can’t take it any more! Woofs…..Misty

PS…Doesn’t she look silly mooning about here?


  1. LOL! What a CUTE post. Mr Pip is quite dapper, so I get the attraction. Love that Sasha wants a magic pillow too!

  2. Sasha, we can picture you decked out in pink ribbons for Valentine’s Day. That also happens to be Fudge’s birthday, so he thinks it’s a great idea.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  3. Perhaps Sasha could ask Mr. Pip out on a date. I think something casual for the first date would be appropriate. Maybe a meeting at Petco followed by a walk in the park. Of course you would have to chaperone…

  4. Oh how cute! Gonna have to check out this Mr. Pip and make sure he’s suitable. Love the pillow and glamour shot! g

  5. Well, a girl has to have something to dream about!

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