Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 18, 2011

2010 Reading Wrap-Up

Total books read/finished in 2010: 54

Monthly totals:
Jan. 5 **** July: 7
Feb. 3 **** August:6
March 8! **** Sept: 3
April 6 **** Oct: 3
May 3 **** Nov: 4
June 3 **** Dec: 3

By category:
Mystery/Suspense 20 (Yes, nearly 1/2 of the total) Lots of Cozy Mysteries here.
Classics: 4 A Christmas Carol, The Count of Monte Cristo, Frankenstein, Little Women
Science Fiction/Fantasy: 16 Anne McCaffrey group on Shelfari is mostly responsible!
“Christian” non-fiction: 4
Historical Fiction: 2 The Queen’s Governess, Wolf Hall
Audio books: 4
Re-reads: 10

Obviously, I could add to this list, or break things down a little differently if I chose to do so, however, that would result in some categories having only one entry!

All in all, I’m satifistied. My ‘goal’ for the year was to try to read 52 books, averaging one per week. I also was participating in a Re-Read Challenge, which I sort of dropped the ball on as far as posting, but I re-read four more books than I said I would, just not the distribution I had planned on.

Do I have 2011 reading goals? Um…sort of.

Plan 1) do many fewer RAL’s (Read-a-longs)
Plan 2) try to read 4-6 new-to-me Classics
Plan 3) Try to read 2-4 Christian Classics or Christian non-fiction
Plan 4). Buy many fewer ‘paper’ books, using the library, Kindle, and other e-readers to accomplish
Plan 5) don’t laugh, but I’d like to read ALL of the books I have already bought, which are stacked all over the house!

(To see the 2010 book list, just click on the Reading List on the top tab)

How about you? Do you have a plan? Care to share it with us here? Please do!


  1. Already have shared as much of a plan as I have. I do think I still have a couple of paperbacks – fewer than 5? – to read, but they aren’t things that are calling to me right now.

  2. Well, reading isn’t really something I plan because for me it’s like breathing. It’s an absolute necessity. Like you; I have a houseful (and now a Nook-full) of books that I want to read. Normally I tend to read about 90% non fiction, but will try to read more fiction this year. The reason for this is that I have started writing a fictional book; and could stand to read some good fiction to serve as a role-model.

  3. My only plan is to read more and with Kindle that should be easy to do. I also want to organize the library. When Rob stocked the shelves, he didn’t sort the books by category so finding anything is a pain. It needs a major redo.

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