Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice Gift Swap


We (Sahsa, Misty, and mom) particiapted in the Winter Solstice swap hosted by Sue of The Protugese Waterdog Blog. It was a “blind” or secret swap, which means we had to spy on our giftee for ideas of what to send AND that we didn’t know who was sending to us.

Sasha us Grrrls were very excited about the household we were to send our gifts to. Mr Pip is the cutest little male Yorkie Sasha had ever seen, so she was constantly after mom to “send good stuff”.
Heh….both of us grrrls were less excited about Pip’s three feline sisters, saying of their gifts, “whatever”. If you want to know what we sent to them, you can visit Mr. Pip’s blog and see.

On the flip side, we were the lucky recipients of a lovely gift box from Thor and Marjie. As you can clearly see if you stop by their blog, Thor is a more-than-full-sized dog! Wow….the grrrls were quite impressed that such a magnificent creature should take notice of them. A few days back (yes, mom IS incredibly slow) we opened our box of goodness and discovered what wonderful treaties Thor and Marji had sent to us.

Isn’t it a pretty package, with holly and everything?! We pulled out some lovely homemade placemats for us grrls, and a big jar of cookies! The cookies were just the right size for us, which means they must have looked like crumbs to the big Mr. Thor!

Mom got a nice box of tea (you know how she drinks a lot of that stuff) and a candy cane, and we all got a card with a pretty picture on it.

Thanks so much to both Marjie and Thor for the perfectly wonderful Winter Solstice goodies! And thanks to Sue and her pack for thinking of this rather ‘cool’ idea in the first place!


  1. What sweet little placemats, perfect for your dainty little girls. My guys would need one the size of a tent. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the swap. I dread the short dark days, so this really cheered me. Thank for playing.

  2. Sissy is confused. Surely the candy cane was for the grrrrls?

    Love those placemats and the wee cookie jar. Thor and Marjie are awesome!!

  3. We were very confused about how big the grrrrls are, so Thor told me to make their placemats about the size of his head! I’m glad you enjoyed the holly; I wandered outside in the snow to cut very select branches from one of our bushes in the front yard. I was worried that it wouldn’t travel well, but I’m happy to see that it made it!

    Merry Christmas, new friends!

    Marjie and Thor

    • Marjie, Thor was right! Misty approximates 15 lbs and Sasha is more like 12+….Perhaps his head alone weighs more? LOL….Sasha might think he was a horse, from her view-point. (no offense Thor)

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