Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 18, 2010

What Does It Mean To You?

The Round Robin Photo Challenge
Hi, Robins! December seems like a great time to try out this Round Robin topic from Ruth, the Scrabblequeen, suggested in August of this year. The topic for Saturday, December 18th, is Symbols
. (I can’t believe they chose my topic!!)

Ruth’s (me!) guidance on the topic is as follows:

(something iconic, like a menorah or the St Louis Arch, or whatever) (how very clever…)

The holidays are full of symbols, of course, some more obvious than others. But if holiday symbolism doesn’t appeal, there are lots of other ways to go with this, from the symbols on traffic signs to icons (statues, flags, etc.) representing concepts. Whatever it is, photograph it for us, and tell us what it represents to you!

Naturally, this was a topic I had tons of pictures and ideas for, which in the long run made it harder to choose just a few!

I took this photo of the podium with the icon on it and the stage full of flags in November. This was the room where my son was sworn into the Air Force. Each flag symbolizes something special, like the State of California, or the specific branch of the Armed Services it represents. Of course the Stars and Stripes symbolizes our country, but I think in a way the whole collection of flags does that too.

This stained glass window, photographed in a small church on the Irish island of Inishbofin, shows a very iconic scene from the life of Christ; Jesus stilling the storm on the Lake of Galilee. “Who then is this, that He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him?” 



And finally, I chose a photo that to me represents the journey which is marriage. You can join me in singing, “We’ve Only Just Begun”……





Don’t forget to go visit the other Robins and see what they thought of for this Challenge!


  1. Three great photos (especially the stained glass one), but in terms of symbolism the last one is my favorite. Thanks for the great topic!

  2. I love that stained-window, beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the topic. I like your interpretation of it, too. What a beautiful stained glass window you captured!

  4. Wonderful choices Ruth! Love that last one!

  5. Wow, what a car! What a photo, all of them, but I especially like the smiles on that couple’s faces.

  6. Great photos! I just love stained glass windows, but that last photo is my favorite.

  7. The first photo – now that takes me back to my boys enlisting.
    The second photo – stunning stained glass.
    The third photo – pure fun that made me smile!

  8. Congrats on your topic being chosen! I love the photo of you and Jim =) awesome car!

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