Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 17, 2010

A New Twist

On FO Friday…..No photos!

So, two more pairs of mittens and a dishcloth finished….photos taken of some of the afore-mentioned…but not yet downloaded and re-sized and all. It’s okay…you can wait, they’re not that spectacular.

FO also stands for Fun Outting. The hubs and I went to see the Rockettes Christmas show Weds night. His first. time. ever. Really? How does one live half a century and never see the Rockettes on PBS? Good show. He was impressed, even from the grand height from which we viewed the event. Can you say, “top row”?

Or how about Friends Only? Today is our annual Christmas Tea with the “Scrabble” girls. I keep telling them, that if we don’t play a game, and soon, we can’t call ourselves that any more!! I’m really glad we decided to go to the Linde Lane tearoom, instead of going to San Fransisco as originally planned. It’s very wet today and that drive/train/taxi thing would have been less than wonderful.

But, today’s best FO? Finally over! Yup, Daniel’s first semester at the Master’s College is done and he is on his way home for vacation. Whoooppeeee!!


  1. Lots of good FOs there! Enjoy!!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Yippee for kids coming home…

  3. Great list of FOs! You need bananagrams – then you can play scrabble wherever you are! g

  4. Mine are on the way home from college, too, and the thrill never goes away!

  5. I lost the annual Thanksgiving Scrabble match by about ten points, but I redeemed myself yesterday, winning by six points. We’ll probably try again on Christmas Day.

  6. If you have an Iphone you could play Words with Friends. Then it wouldn’t be a problem, plus I could play with you also 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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