Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 7, 2010

Misty Is Twelve!

Misty doesn't want a birthday photo.

Today we party. Our precious little Misty dog is celebrating her twlefth birthday. Yup…she was born on Pearl Harbor Day, 1998, right here in the house she has lived in her whloe life.

It’s been a bit of an eventful year for the little darlin. She had a bit of a scare with cancer back in February….here, here, and here.

And of course, she was less than thrilled that Hubby Dearest and I took a three week long trip in the summer, leaving her with only a boy at first, then, insult added to injury, a house/dog sitter! Then, She lost a boy when Daniel went off to college in August, and lost yet another boy, and HER special boy at that, when Jeremy flew off to Boot Camp last month.

We’ve done our best to make up for the lack of boys by adding Lu into the household, and she gets walks and treats aplenty….but frankly, she is not a fan of change!

Misty is in very good shape, and not just “for her age”. She has no visible sign of arthritis, her teeth are good, and the beginnings of cataracts in her eyes have not affected her vision too much…yet. She still regularly jumps up onto the furniture with no problem, and can run and play when the mood takes her. We think it’s funny that she still gets called a puppy when she’s out on walkies… We love our “World’s Oldest Puppy”!

I wanted to get a nice birthday photo of Misty this morning…but every time I picked up the camera, she ran off! Mostly she ran into her little kennel…and Sasha decided she needed protection from the big, bad mom, I guess…so here, they are BOTH in the kennel. Misty is safely tucked out of sight in the rear….while Sasha keeps guard at the door. I’m calling out…”I won’t use the flash, I promise!” Heh…finally talked her into the shot at the top of this post.

Sasha keeping guard

Rest assured, Misty will be getting plenty of birthday goodies today. She’s already had a big peice of Beef Jerky, made specially for dogs by Omaha Steaks!



  1. Giggle… it’s her birthday. She’s just pretending she’s a Gabor sister… “Dahling… no pivictures!”

    Happy birthday Misty! Sasha, we hope the party spills over into your bowl too.

  2. Happy Birthday Misty from a fellow December baby!

  3. Happy Birthday Misty; You don’t look a day over 10!

  4. O SO CUTE!!
    I love the way Sasha is protecting her from the camera!
    Happy Birthday, Misty!

  5. We all want to wish Misty a very happy birthday.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  6. Happy Birthday, Misty! You look like you’re warning people away from your birthday cake.

    Marjie and Thor

  7. Happy Birthday Misty! Your mom is nicer than mine – I didn’t get a single extra treat for my birthday! Abby Doodle.

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