Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 4, 2010

From Leaf To Ahh….

Hi Robins! This next Challenge was suggested by Vicki of Maraca. The topic for Saturday, December 4th is

Before and After

For this challenge I’ve chosen one of my favorite subjects….Tea! Here’s the history of this morning’s cuppa.



After, or Ahhhh!

Don’t forget to go visit the other Robins and see their “Before and After” offereings!



  1. Oh what fun this interpretation is. I like it and I love your cup and saucer!

  2. I love the pictures! The only tea I drink is sweet iced tea, and I do love me some “swee’tea!”

    What is the cover on the teapot?

  3. I like your interpretation—and the tea cup is so pretty!

  4. Very cool – or should I say, hot! It reminds me of the detailed directions John Levene once gave us for making a proper British cup of tea.

  5. I’m heading to the kitchen right now to brew a cuppa! Love your teacup and saucer. The other thing I really like is the ‘snow’ on your blog…where did you get it (if you don’t mind my asking)?

  6. I love what you chose to share for this challenge. You are SERIOUS about your tea, I see that timer ticking there.


  7. YUMMMY Love the cozy, how cute is that!

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