Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 26, 2010

You Know The Boy Is Home When….

The strains of Guitar Hero are heard for the first time in months!

We’ve been enjoying our holiday time immensly. Dinner and visiting with Amy and family yesterday was followed by a nice visit at home with some other firends. We ended our day with a rousing game of “Oh Shucks!”, a card game known by many names…

Today, after a nice brunch with our house-guest’s house guest (his mother: how’s that for fun!) we made our annual visit to the movie theater (yes, about once or twice a year is all we do) and took in the new Harry Potter film. The movie was fine, but, we all about froze to death in the theater. Sheesh…a little heat wouldn’t hurt at all, ya know?

Luckily the Black Friday shoppers weren’t at the Sprint store today, since we had to drop by there to get the boy a new phone…his is starting to be cranky about doing all the things it is supposed to do, so we figured we’d better replace it before he couldn’t call to tell us he needed a new phone…:-)

Tonight is our quiet night…lovely left-overs for dinner, Christmas music on the stereo in the background…until the Guitar Hero, that is! Now, all I need is some knitting…..

Hey Alison….at our house, the birds are watching us!


  1. Glad you had a nice time with your son. Your quiet night sounds lovely. Enjoy your knitting!

  2. Looks like Black-in-silhouette Friday to me!

  3. Over here it’s Rock Band! :0)
    Glad you are having a good time.
    Love that shot of the birds…reminds me of “The Birds” Hope you don’t have a fireplace!

  4. Glad to hear you found some time to knit!!

  5. I didn’t get to the movies this weekend. Pout! Glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend with some of your friends and family!

  6. Birds on a wire always remind me of musical notes. Nice photo.

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