Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 18, 2010

I’m Thankful For….

1) the mail service! They bring me good things like the boot camp address for Jeremy, so I can write to him, and packages, too, like the yarn and book that arrived this week.

2) Finishing. I finally finished Wolf Hall and Frankenstein!

3) Hot tea on a chilly morning. (or afternoon, or evening…or even if it’s not chilly) 🙂

4) My pups.

Not a new pic, but a good one!


  1. Wonderful photo! I’m glad the mail has been good to you this week.

  2. Those are adorable doggies. What’s the breed? DH and I are sort of considering getting a little pooch when he retires (in about 137 years).

  3. Oh boot camp. Katie wrote Andrew everyday but Sunday. He managed to write her 40 letters even with his limited time. It’s easier to communicate once they are beyond boot camp. Enjoy that tea. The doggies are cute.

  4. Hi Ruth;

    Cute dogs =)

    I just wanted to tlet you know I sent off your grocery bag exchange parcel last Thursday so hopefully you’ll have it soon.

    Sandie lee

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