Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 6, 2010

In (or Out) The Window

Round Robin Photo Challenge

The idea for this one is to stand (or sit) outside a window, and photograph through it to whatever is inside. This can be a window of your house, a car window, the window of a business, or a display case, or even a window in your wallet. The only catch is that you are outside that window, and whatever you’re photographing is inside. Perhaps there’s a big holiday display window at a nearby department store. Perhaps you keep knickknacks on a window ledge and they can be seen from outside. Or you may be looking through a window at a beloved pet who is waiting to greet you! Whichever way you do it, there will probably be reflections to be coped with, and angles to be considered. That’s why it’s a Challenge!

For this challenge, I had hoped to get busy this week with the camera, but alas, it was not to be….so, from the archives I have selected this photo from March of this year. I went to Reiff’s Gas Station for a photo shoot for the Round Robin challenge “Within Five Miles”. One of the shots I didn’t use for that week was taken….through the window!




This part of the house/museum is an old-fashioned 1950’s diner.

For my next pair of photos, I went back to July, 2008, while we were in Ireland. This day, which just happened to be our 25th anniversary, we went into Westport for some shopping, and stopped for lunch at Curry’s Cottage, a combination bakery and tea shop. I really like their window displays, so I tried to get some photos…first from the inside….



Looking Out



And then again, from the outside, looking in!



Looking in



To see more window photos, and the various interpretations of the theme, go visit the other Robins, please. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Nice pictures “through the windows”. The diner looks like fun!

  2. Ooh, nice! I remember that Reiff’s shoot of yours, and I really like this additional photo. Also both sides of the tea service!

  3. If that 1950’s diner was real, I’d go there in a heartbeat to try it out if nothing else. =) Also like the tea set from both sides.

  4. Neat photos! Love the teapots too.

  5. I especially like the third photo. It’s nicely composed and my eye is drawn to look around at everything in the window. Very nice photos.

  6. Love looking in shop windows. Thanks for taking me along on your outing.

    The last one is my favorite also.

    Thanks for visiting my doggie in the window. I so appreciate those that visit and leave a comment.

  7. Love the ones of the shop in Ireland! Great choices Ruth!

  8. Great photos! I love the contrast between the serene beauty in side and the busy outside of the second picture!

  9. Cool!

    I just went to take my phone out of my purse to recharge, wondering why my purse felt so heavy.

    And THEN did I remember my camera was in there so I would take pictures while I was in San Diego for a day. Greaaaaaaat, did a good job on that one!

  10. I love those little displays in the window, so pretty!

  11. Oh this is really fun. There’s a new clothing store downtown and as soon as my birthday present arrives I plan on taking photos from the outside in! g

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